A wonderful world of Cosplay¬† (costumed themed characters) comes to Festival this year a colourful and vibrant parade of some of the most recognisable characters on the planet (and some we’ve never heard of) from the brilliant Victorian Inspired SteamPunk to TV and film characters from the world of SCI FI….At the Cray Festival you will get to see them all. Here is just a taster of what we can expect on the day….there will also be stands where you and the family can interact get costumed and face painted for Photographs

Get your pics taken with the Tardis, Back To The Future Car Deloreaon, Elsie The Dalek, HG Wells Time Machine plus much much more

Special Guest SCI FI Authors Ruth Wheeler Truxxe Trilogy  (All aliens Like Burgers / Do aliens read SCI FI / When aliens play trumps.)ruth

John Love  (Faith)

faithMore guests tbc



Please email if you would like to be a part of the show !! join us on